Project Description

produced by Aixsponza (
my part: character rigging


Here are the Aixsponza credits:

Red Bull Stratos, a mission to the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner will be going up to 120.000 feet in a capsule attached to a helium balloon. Once he’s up there he’ll jump doing the highest parachute jump ever done by a human.

Peter Clausen Film and AixSponza created this animation visualizing the whole process of going up and jumping down.

Title :
“Red Bull Stratos – Mission to the Edge of Space”

Red Bull Media House GmbH

Production Company:
Peter Clausen Film & TV Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Munich

Director & Producer:
Peter Clausen

Line Producer:
Cecilia Trück

Animation Studio:
AixSponza GmbH

VFX Director / Editing:
Christian Tyroller

VFX Supervisor / CD / TD:
Manuel Casasola Merkle

Lead 3D Artist:
Matthias Zabiegly

3D Artists:
Leonhard Akinbiyi
Magid Hoff
Sven Mai
Philipp Strasser
Vladan Subotic
Fuat Yüksel

Junior 3D Artists:
Sebastian Baumann
Jörg Vogel

Douglas Bello
Thomas Grummt

Character Modeling / Sculpting:
Ulf Gieseler

Technical Modeling:
Jan Haluszka

Visual Effects:

Fabian Rosenkranz

Andreas Gebauer
Tobias Müller
Christian Stanzel
Matthias Zabiegly

Sound Design:
Heiko Müller

Walter Werzowa