20 years of 3d know-how!


Character work is what I like most and I’m covering the complete work flow from character design over modeling and sculpting, UV unwrapping and texturing, rigging and morph target creation all the way to animation and rendering.


Over the last years cloth simulation became a very important part of my portfolio, including the creation and simulation of hyper realistic garments as well as more abstract simulations full of atmosphere.

modelling & sculpting

I consider modelling and sculpting fundamental skills in any 3d work flow. It is a fascinating art form, not only on the computer. I love to sculpt with all sorts of clay, to 3d print, 3d scan and to cast in plaster.

motion graphics

I did a lot of work for Motion Graphics studios. I learned what they expect from 3d and how to deliver content in a useful way. My knowledge of cloth simulation and scripting often proved to be very useful, too.

plugins & scripting

Back in the year 2000 Cinema didn’t have morph targets, so I wrote my first plug-in, a morph target mixer. This was when I discovered the strange satisfaction it gives you to add functionality where you need it and the joy when the code you wrote actually works!

recent projects:

digital work:
analogue work: