who I am

My name is Fabian Rosenkranz. I work as a freelancing sculptor and 3d animator. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, I moved to the very rural Wendland in 2021. I started freelancing in 1997 and have been self employed ever since. I love character related work and most of the jobs I have been hired for over the years have been character or cloth related. However, during my career I have touched upon almost all areas of 3d work, including modelling, sculpting, architecture and product visualization, rendering, technical rigging, script and plug-in development, motion graphics and simulations.

My background is more artistic than technical. As a young adult I wanted to draw comics. I started to work with the Computer rather late and initially without much enthusiasm. So it surprised me as much as anybody else to discover that I not only enjoyed 3d, but also writing code.

Over the last years traditional sculpting has become more and more important. I love to sculpt with all sorts of clay. Occasionally I cross the boundaries between the digital and the real world by using 3d scanning and printing.

By shifting the focus of my 3d work more and more towards character animation, and later by shifting the focus of my work towards sculpting, I now do what I always wanted to do: capturing emotion, telling a story.

what I do

Here’s a list of the things I’m usually hired for. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out if I’m currently available for work.

analogue work

  • human body in clay

  • heads and portraits

  • moulding and casting

  • sculpting courses

  • commissioned work

digital work

  • character animation

  • character rigging, facial rigging

  • cloth simulations, cloth modeling

  • 3d training

  • scripts & plugins