clay sculpting and 3d animation


Human emotion and expression is my central interest. Whether it is clay sculpting, 3d character rigging or animation. This is what it’s all about.

clay sculpting

I started sculpting rather late in life, around 2017. Since then it has become increasingly important. Mostly clay, but to a lesser degree digital sculpting, too.

cloth simulation

Over the last years cloth simulation became a very important part of my portfolio, including the creation and simulation of hyper realistic garments as well as more abstract simulations full of atmosphere.


I have been doing animation ever since I started using a computer. Over time I focused mostly on the technical side, like character rigging and facial setup.

courses and training

I have been giving couses and hired for training over the last 15 years or so. Currently I give couses in clay sculpting at my workshop. Contact me for details.

Exhibition  |  Ausstellung

Kulturelle Stadtpartie in Lüchow (Wendland), 29.9 – 29.10.2023, Sparkasse Lüchow

recent projects:

analogue work:
digital work:
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